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Solan has high expectations about moving to Australia but his family warns him that due to how different he looks, it might be difficult for him to adjust and to connect with Aussies.

The teenager refuses to listen and still dreams of a beautiful boy falling for him.


His friend Tyler fits the bill perfectly.

After waiting and pining for Tyler, Solan decides to reveal his feelings. Will his dreams come true or will he regret not listening to his family? 

Island Boy is included in the anthology Wave After Wave published by Centre For Stories. Find out more by clicking the link below.

    Raphael Farmer is an author based in Western Australia. He writes Young Adult Fiction. He has recently won a mentorship with an experienced writer and editor through the Centre for Stories.              
  Raphael has been writing since his early teenage years and has dabbled in various creative things such as film making, photography, screen writing and prose writing. He enjoys reading a variety of books (and graphic novels) with a penchant for Stephen King’s work. Raphael is working on his first novel and on short stories as well.       
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