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Thanks for checking this page out! I have two short stories available to download for free at the moment. I am constantly writing and I hope to be able to share more with you soon. For now, I do hope you enjoy what I have to offer.  Do leave a message if you want to let me know your thoughts on these stories. 

Carried Away Book Cover.jpg
Carried Away

Mason has no friends - though it's not for lack of trying. He resigns himself to being a loner for the rest of his high school days - until popular Asher Raines stumbles into his world. Mason has a long-time crush on Asher, but he knows that boys who like other boys don't often get to have a happy ending. But could Asher Raines be a risk worth taking?

Firefly Cover Web JPG.jpg

For 14 year old Jon, the best thing about his friend Patrick is his good-looking older brother, Spencer. It’s just a crush, after all – what harm could come from wanting to spend a little more time with Spencer? But when Jon’s crush grows from love into obsession, all the usual boundaries become blurred – and he becomes willing to risk everything to get what he wants.

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